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OpenSUSE Weekly News/87

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歡迎閱讀openSUSE 每週新聞第 87 期



紐倫堡辦公室將於九月 12 至 13 日停電。
"停機時間計畫於 2009-09-11 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC) 一直到 2009-09-14 10:00 CEST (08:00 UTC)。因此,對開發者而言可能是最長的一個週末 – 但我們計畫避免在停機時間內限制使用者。"
演講更新:Lenz Grimmer 在 openSUSE 研討會上的演講
"openSUSE 很高興宣佈 Lenz Grimmer 將在首次 openSUSE 研討會上提供開幕演說。openSUSE 研討會將於九月 17 至九月 20 於德國 紐倫堡舉行。今天就登記!"


Masim Sugianto:印尼 openSUSE 活動:Zimbra 社群培訓
"上週我到泗水,一個位於東爪哇省的首都出席由印尼 openSUSE 社群東爪哇分部舉辦的 Zimbra 郵件伺服器與協作套件的社群培訓。這次培訓本身是專門為 openSUSE 伺服端的推廣活動。Beside my activity as Indonesian openSUSE member,我也將成為印尼 Zimbra 社群的創辦者。我想使用 openSUSE 作為桌面端與伺服端應用程式首選是一個好主意。Zimbra has it’s own benefit. The combination between it’s feature and price (priceless for open source edition) making Zimbra as an attractive option for mail server."
LenZ Grimmer: FrOSCon/OpenSQL Camp summary
"It's almost two weeks now since FrOSCon and the OpenSQL Camp subconference have taken place in Sankt Augustin, Germany — about time for a summary and update from my side! First off, I would like to thank all of the participants and supporters, particularly my colleagues Regina Steyer and Iris Musiol for the perfect logistics and co-sponsoring as well as Uli Graef, Thorsten Frueauf, Matthias Schmidt, Alexander Rubin and Joerg Moellenkamp for manning the Sun booth and the help on site."
Andreas Jaeger: Keysigning Party @ openSUSE Conference
"Extend the web of trust! Take part at the Keysigning Party during openSUSE Conference. There will be two Keysigning Party sessions during the openSUSE Conference, so everybody has the chance to participate: ..."



Suse Box.png
openSUSE KDE meeting 20090903
Andrea Florio: openSUSE-LXDE live CD now ready!
"是的 , 沒錯! 在SUSE-STUDIO經過開發和測試我終於完成了對openSUSE - LXDE現場安裝的以openSUSE 11.1為基礎. 現在由我提供, 雖然只有 32bit (i686) image因為這可能還需要一些測試."

Build Service

Pavol Rusnak: New RPM in openSUSE Factory
"Michael Schroeder終於更新了openSUSE的RPM package中上游的最新版本4.7.1. \o/ 有太多太多的錯誤要修正, 改進和內部API的改變對一般人來說是提不起興趣的,但是對於packagers而言又意味著什麼呢 ?這裡有一個對他們重要變化的清單..."
Andreas Jaeger: Building against openSUSE:Factory
"Magnus日前開始討論關於openSUSE的套裝郵件列表 (thread開始在這裡存檔)在這裡他花了很多的心力在為openSUSE’s Factory build 個套件分佈自從個套件只建立一次完整的發行已經達成 . 解決方案的建議 – 適用於一般 – 是建立snapshot repository openSUSE的:Factory."




Ahmed Kamal: Google Chrome 多重首頁
"最近,我開始使用 Google的 Chrome 瀏覽器(技術上來講應該是chromium) 來滿足我在Linux上瀏覽網頁的需求。 它很快,也不太吃 CPU 和記憶體,我相當滿意。我現在也確定Flash 外掛是吃CPU的猛獸。 :) Anyway, 在Firefox上我唯一懷念的超酷特色是能夠設定多重首頁。 事情是這樣的,我經常再看The thing is, I follow quite a lot of tech news sites, and I need to check them every now and then. In firefox, I'd just click the Home button, and it would open all of them, I could not find this functionality out of the box with Chrome. What is a geek to do ? Well of course write some javascript :)"
Make Tech Easier/Tavis J. Hampton: How to Use ‘remote:/’ KIO and KNetAttach
"In my post two weeks ago, I introduced you to KDE’s KIO slaves and gave you a brief overview of the services they offer. One of the KIO protocols is remote:/, which relies on KNetAttach to create virtual network folders. With it, you can create folders for the following services: ..."
Unixmen/M.Zinoune: Usefull extensions for openoffice
" 3 is the leading open-source open software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. You can adjust openoffice to your needs by adding more functionality with the help of extensions."
Ghacks/Jack Wallen: Gain more battery life from your Linux-based laptop with powertop
"If your laptop is running Linux you might not be happy with the battery life you are getting. There are numerous reasons for the possible extra drain on your battery. Some of the biggest issues are: Hard drive spin-downs, interrupts, and power management. Figuring out how to make these adjustments to your kernel (or subsystems) to gain a bit of extra battery life would take more time googling than you would probably prefer. Fortunately there is a single application available to take care of this for you. Powertop is one of those tools every user of Linux on a laptop should have installed – especially if your laptop depends primarily on its battery for life."
TechRepublic/Vincent Danen: Mirroring Web sites with wget
"Recently, one of my favorite security-related sites was almost shut down due to the operator’s lack of time to keep it up to date. The site provided proof-of-concept and exploit code for various security vulnerabilities in a wide range of products across multiple platforms. The site, milw0rm, is invaluable to security researchers, and not to have access to that data would have been a huge loss."
Sebastian Schöbinger: Usefull Iconpanel
Had you ever the feeling while working or so, that it is a bit nasty to go down to the Application Launcher, klick on it and then start the application? That is a quite nice way to avoid that. ;)

For Commandline/Script Newbies

Linux Journal/Mitch Frazier: Bash Quoting
"Quoting things in bash is quite simple... until it isn't. I've written scripts where I'd swear 90% of the effort was getting bash to quote things correctly."
IBM developerWorks/Ian Shields: Learn Linux, 101: Text streams and filters
"There's a lot more to text manipulation than cut and paste, particularly when you aren't using a GUI. Study for the Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC) 101 exam, or learn for fun. In this article, Ian Shields introduces you to text manipulation on Linux® using filters from the GNU textutils package. By the end of this article, you will be manipulating text like an expert."

For Developers and Programmers

Linux Journal/Mike Diehl: Accessing SQLite in C
"In my last article I wrote about accessing a PostgreSQL database in C/C++. In this article, I'm going to discuss performing the same functions in C against an SQLite database. Unlike Postgresql and the supporting libraries, SQLite creates completely self-contained databases that aren't dependant upon a client-server architecture. This feature makes SQLite ideal for use in applications that don't require the complexity of a server, yet can benefit from the flexibility of the SQL language."

For System Administrators

LinuxPlanet/Akkana Peck: How do You Really Measure Linux Bloat?
"In the last article, I talked about the different types of Linux memory and how deceptive values like Virtual Size and Resident Set Size can be. Today I'll talk about how you can get more useful numbers so you can figure out which programs really are hogging your computer's RAM."

全新/已更新的 應用程式 @ openSUSE

Ben Kevan: Google Chrome Released – openSUSE RPM – True 64-Bit Support
"Google Chrome 釋出– openSUSE Fedora RPM – True 64-Bit支援. 按照更新我會提供Chrome RPM 個套件請做上記號或檢查:"
Sascha Manns: Updated 套件: kde4-skrooge
kde4的,skrooge更新到版本0.5.0. The ChangeLog can found in this Blogentry.
Petr Mladek: OpenOffice_org 3.1.1 final available for openSUSE
"我很高興地宣布,openSUSE個套件 3.1.1最終版. They are available in the Build Service OpenOffice:org:穩定的項目,其中有很多上游和走向Go-oo修復. 請查看, wiki頁面有關於openSUSE OOo build的詳情."
Michal Hrušecký: Firebird in openSUSE Factory
"我要告訴我們的使用者,感謝努力的Philippe Makowski, 我們現在在openSUSE裡面得到了Firebird. 他接管了package讓我們可以致力於 Build Service, 用scratch重寫spec檔案, 在很多方面修復錯誤和調整方案. 結果是Firebird package 在昨天(9月1日)終於被openSUSE Factory所接受了.
Firebird 是什麼,為什麼你應該有興趣? Firebird 是開放源碼的RDBMS(關係數據庫管理系統) 它源於從Borland InterBase 6.0. 它贏得了SourceForge上第四屆社群選擇獎最佳項目類別為企業及被提名,等等.我可以繼續提出他的特點 , 但是我想最好的辦法是你去以下的網頁: ..."


Lluis Sanchez: .NET/Mono Code Camp in Tarragona: Call for Papers
"我們已經開始規劃會議的.NET/Mono Code Camp in Tarragona (西班牙). 在正在舉辦的會議從兩個方向進行: Mono track 和 MSDN track. I plan to give at least a couple of talks: 一對即將發布的集成開發環境,一個有關應用程序的可擴展性的基礎上Mono.Addins."
Joe Brockmeier: Corporate sponsors and event funding: Ask early, not often
"如果你希望為你的活動得到的贊助資金, 那最好是早點要求而不是常常要求. 甚至是專業要求… 對於一些大公司 (也就是說,那些實際上確實有相當數量的現金贊助) 及早了解贊助這是非常重要的.特別是對事件尚未確定. 年度活動屬於像LinuxTag fall更容易納入預算規劃因為你可以建立一個基準這些活動提供資金,並計劃每年是否值得參加多少實際成本. 除了贊助之外, 公司必須考慮到旅遊,運輸,材料等-的成本,參加會議的不僅限於資金的投入贊助."
Andrew Wafaa: Guide To Goblin - Part 1
"人們問我過去的一些截圖精靈, and who am I to deny you fine people an insight into the goodness that is Goblin. I'll be doing several posts to share the love, 否則,因為一個大的公告我將得到太多投訴. Also it's good to prolong the love :-D
因此最開始的是, 你可以在這裡截圖 - 確定你讀到了README.首先做任何文件之前! 它會給你指示,如何取得它進入你的電腦. 此圖片是純粹設計使用的USB記憶體 (2GB的應該做的很好,這是〜1.5GB的), 我們現正邁向一個混合的ISO映像 , 但是還沒有完成."
Andrew Wafaa: Guide To Goblin - Part 2
"因此,繼續從第1部分,讓我們來看看可用"Web Services".
一旦你有一個網絡連接到外部世界你可以返回到MyZone選項卡並選擇Web服務按鈕 或到應用程序選項卡和搜索'web service'.然後,你將獲贈: ..."
Masim Sugianto: Suggestion for SUSE Studio Usability
"在SUSE Studio一段時間之後, 我想我有三個建議增加SUSE Studio的可用性, 基於我的經驗架設Zimbra Appliance在openSUSE 11.1. 事實上, 我已經把它使用“發送回饋意見”menu,但我不知道是否已經達到的SUSE Studio團隊或建議什麼結果,因為我至今還沒有收到回音:-)"
Klaas Freitag: Hermes Improvements
"我做了一些有趣的變化在Hermes的實例有關openSUSE. 有人投訴,遵循自行起源這是不可能的要求, 它可以導致一個奇怪的情況沒有得到的信息所發生的請求. I fixed that by adding a new subscription called OBS Request Author to the Hermes 開始頁面會通知你所有的改變 to a request originated by you. 已經有了一個認購請求變更的公告被自動訂閱.如果不想要當然可以刪除Hermes page ."
Masim Sugianto: Zimbra 6.0.0 GA has been Released
"最近的延遲於8月31日至2009年9月2日, Zimbra.com中於釋出了它們的產品, Zimbra Collaboration Suite 6.0.0 GA. 這是自重大升級版本5.0.18. 這裡完整的解釋有關Zimbra的網路版特性和錯誤修正。發行說明的Zimbra公司的開源版本可以找到此連接."

openSUSE 論壇

What's the difference between Free/Available/
"你有沒有想過怎樣使用空間 / 分配你的HD /分區. 這是一個好主意密切留意disk使用情況 - 檢查一些細節."
Unable to Play Apple Trailers.
"一些有用的資訊,這裡以多媒體為主題, featuring the Gecko Media Plugin. 必須知道的是你得要透過網路播放."
KDE4.3.1 Released
" 在這個thread你可以閱讀他們的經驗.對於KDE用戶OS11.2是將是一個里程碑!"
KDE4.3 Desktop Box Gone
"取得新的使用管理方式,在KDE4的桌面是需要一點時間. 使用者可以在muddle找到它們."

On the Web



opensourc3: Issue #2 of of Opensourc3 Magazine is available!
"歡迎專業的統一計算雜誌資訊科技人才. 依照月份來發佈opensourc3可以免費下載PDF格式,也可以在網路上閱讀."
Global Conference on Open Source
"由於印度尼西亞簽署了, Go Open Source! 發布聲明於2004年6月30日, 印尼渴望成為主導力量的運動,以促進open source. 全球會議上開放源碼(GCOS)旨在為全球開放源代碼社群合作,以滿足日益增長的需求為開放源碼技術在各個社會階層. GCOS 將產生一個國際合作的各國政府,企業,學者和社區,加強開放源碼的位置,使之更具有吸引力, 普及於社會上."
Ultra-thin All-in-One-PC with Linux operating system - openSUSE Linux 11.1 pre-configured and ready for immediate use
"從openSUSE找到3.6 cm thin X500V 完整的系統都採用了最新版本(11.1)的openSUSE Linux和可擴展與開源應用. 點一下package允許系統進行定制,具體範圍廣泛的用戶需求."
Linux Magazine/Britta Wuelfing: Linus Torvalds in Live Streaming from LinuxCon
"2009年9月1日 - 9月21日至23日在波特蘭Linux基金會將舉行首次LinuxCon會議通過, 俄勒岡州. Linus Torvalds 和 Mark Shuttleworth將參加發言, 和Linux專業雜誌在線將做實況報導, 免費的keynotes."
See also the time schedule.
KDE 4.3.1 Release Announcement
"2009年9月1日. 一個月過去了,因為釋放的KDE 4.3.0,所以今天的KDE社群宣布立即提供的KDE 4.3.1, 一錯誤修復,翻譯和維護更新最新一代的最先進最強大的desktop. 4.3.1是KDE的每月更新的KDE 4.3 ..."
Turbocharge your Web experience with Opera 10
"Opera軟體公司今天發布了最終版本的Opera 10. 在當今世界的普通Web瀏覽器, Opera 10脫穎而出一個優雅而創新的新功能, 新界面. Opera 10當然是免費的, 有43種語言, 可以用在Windows , Mac 和Linux平台上面, .你可以下載世界上最具創新的瀏覽器從"
KDE.NEWS/Sebastian Kügler: Akademy 2010 in Tampere, Finland
"KDE的社群自豪地宣布的位置明年的Akademy Tampere, Finland每年的Akademy是世界會議舉行的KDE社群慶祝Free Software desktop 和未來的展望."


PHP <? BUILDER ?>: A Twist In Namespaces - A New Revolution in PHP
"根據 PHP5.3這本身是一種前體,並多少有些戲弄的PHP 6--comes something rather new to PHP: Namespaces. 隨著面向對象的開發人員都知道, point of object-oriented 開發是消除含糊不清的開發和數據存取項目.這是什麼其實需要的是尋找共同的功能,並加以執行的可重用框架--通常是classes然而,即使是涉及範圍最廣的實施最終將開始運行到問題的命名約定. This is where namespaces really shines."
ITworld/Esther Schindler: Four Things Open Source Projects Should Know About Dealing with the Press
"這很有趣我領導的一個小組舉行的O'Reilly開源公約,我並沒有提到我的OSCON會議的報導. Perhaps it was due to an unusual dose of modesty. 但是,在什麼是開源項目需要了解與互動媒體這也是照亮Zonker Brockmeier, Jennifer Cloer, and Peter Galli我們花了一個小時的大部分意見交流有關的錯誤,開源件專案互動時的記者. ..."
Qt Labs/Thomas Zander: What is happening for KOffice2.1
"這些月來我們發布KOffice2.0.0,第一次正式發布新平台KOffice2 當然,一些前衛的office使用者我們明確表示,2.0是對他們缺少的功能。那麼,你可能會問,是2.1將改變他們?嗯,這裡是我們的工作,再這一兩個月之內以及已經被集成到什麼將成為2.1版本."
Phoronix/Michael Larabel: Skype 2.1 Beta Brings New Features To Linux
"在Linux上任何人都廣泛使用Skype, 你可能要交給 Linux Skype Developer page 獲取最新的測試版. Skype公司剛剛推出了第一個2.1試用版(測試版)的Linux的Skype客戶端,這將增加一些新功能,也帶來了一些其他的修復和改進." Edge: KDE struggles with feature requests
"Sometimes developers have a prickly relationship with their users. 用戶可能有不切實際的想法,或過於苛刻, 要求可能難以應付. 這些用戶往往不願意接受“不”,甚至“沒有”,這樣一個答案. 一些KDE的開發人員目前正在努力解決這一問題, 並試圖尋找方法,以方便使用者之間的對話和開發."
iTWire/Jake Widman: Netbooks growing twice as fast as notebooks
"根據一份新的報告, 2009年第一季到第二季市場上筆電增長百分之四十, 近兩倍的費率標準的筆記型電腦. 其實在拉丁美洲和大中國筆記本電腦出貨量大增."
h-online/Thorsten Leemhuis: Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.31 - Part 5: CUSE, USB 3.0, FireWire networking and the rest
"Linux的2.6.31將支援USB 3.0,雖然目前尚未有相應的硬體. Distributions are to use the new FireWire stack that now offers LAN support. CUSE 模擬打開音響系統通過一個用戶空間的程式. Acer's Aspire One 筆電是另一個新的驅動程序加入."
Linux Magazine: Fresh Roadmap for Firefox
"Mozilla專案更新了它的路線圖在未來的Firefox瀏覽器下一個大版本,firefox 4.0 Geko1.9.4下,定於2010年年底."

Reviews and Essays Proffitt: Four More Cool Word Processors
"如果你看到一個線上的word processor--甚至有少數--你沒有看到他們, not by a longshot. 除了Google Docs, Zoho Writer, 和新出現的競爭對手如EtherPad, 其他的線上的服務可能需要嘗試包括AjaxWrite, Writeboard, picoWrite and MonkeyTeX, 僅舉幾例."
h-online/Multi-booting over the internet
"許多操作系統已經可以啟動, 尤其是對安裝系統的主要的Linux發行, 但是 web service offers a universal boot loader which presents them all in one menu. 引導裝載程序可以安裝在USB記憶體,燒錄到CD或是floppy disk. 這讓使用者可以啟動一個目前選擇的操作系統在網路上使用一個單一的媒介."
ostatic: Kristina Shoemaker: Using Social Networks to Foster Open Source Projects
"讓我們面對現實吧, open source軟體公司和專案有多樣的創新平台和方法喚起意識,他們創造和支持企業和興趣發展的件專案 . 問題是, 它並不總是很容易量化多大的興趣和意識(或最終,新的捐助者,用戶或客戶)可提出任何具體方法."
Javier Llorente: Hosting in Germany
"幾天前, 我一直在尋找一個提供openSUSE的好的託管公司. 共享主機的限制性太強, 伺服器太昂貴,太強大,等等, 所以正確的選擇對我來說是個vps (虛擬專用伺服器). 在德國舉辦所提供的一切都很好."
The VAR Guy: Skype Dials New Owner… And Open Source
"現在eBay已經售出大部分的Skype給私人投資者, 一些專家可能不知道市場要解決Skype的未來. 事實上, 答案已經出現 — 它涉及Skype plugging into Asterisk, the open source IP PBX. 下面是scoop和所涉問題的解決方案廠商."
Paulo Dias: Amarok 2.2 – Reloaded, revamped, rethinked, reeverything!
"我有一個小秘密要與你分享, Amarok的2.2 Beta 1中幾乎要釋出了!! 小聲點, 不要告訴任何人, 它可能會嚇到小狗狗 :)" Moore: Internet celebrates 40th birthday: but what date should we be marking?
"midwives的現代通信是在大學的科學家在加州洛杉磯分校(UCLA), 機器連接鄰近的15英尺灰色電纜."


The Apache Software Foundation: downtime - initial report
"這是一個簡短的概述發生的事情上週五2009年8月28日到apache.org服務. 稍後更為詳細的解說我們完成的審計所涉及的所有機器.
在8月27日, 約18:00開始帳號自動備份的ApacheCon網站託管在第三方託管服務提供商被用來上傳文件到 該帳戶被要求使用SSH密鑰身份驗證此主機."

過往消息 & 會議

近期活動 & 會議



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  • SUSE Security Summary Report: SUSE-SR:2009:014
  • 套件: - dnsmasq, icu, libcurl3/libcurl2/curl/compat-curl2, Xerces-c/xerces-j2, tiff/libtiff, acroread_ja, xpdf, xemacs, mysql, squirrelmail, OpenEXR, wireshark
  • 發佈 ID: SUSE-SR:2009:014
  • 日期: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 15:08:25 +0200


Numbers in brackets show the changes compared to the previous week.

交流 有 37159 (+64) 非個別的 mailing list 訂閱者。
openSUSE 論壇有 33678 (+332) registered users - Most users ever online was 3270, 22-Jul-2009 at 20:00.

3444 (+38) of 9070 (+112) 位在 User Directory 的使用者已簽署了 Guiding Principles。 委員會已承認了 351 (+0) 位會員

Build Service
Build Service 目前有 7798 (+100) 件專案, 76171 (+320) 個套件, 14615 (+275) 個套件庫,由 17239 (+157) 位已確認的使用者建立。



特色 openSUSE 11.2 的統計資訊:

  • 總計: 411 (-1)
  • 尚未確認: 27 (+0)
  • 新特色: 3 (+0)
  • 評估中: 62 (-6)
  • 預選名單: 22 (+4)
  • 完成: 48 (+0)
  • 拒絕: 224 (+1)
  • 重複: 25 (+0)

關於 openFATE 計畫




本週對所有openSUSE 產品的統計數字:



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