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由7月23日 opensuse-announce 郵件列表轉貼:


We just fixed more or less our schedule until 10.3 will arrive, and we have still some openSUSE 10.2 PromoDVDs.

This is your chance, we offer them to you!

For what?

- you have a local linux/it event in the near future(您有一臺 Linux/或在不久將來,將要有一臺)

- you are in a LUG(您是某 LUG(Linux User Group) 的成員)

- you are the computer guy/gal at school/university(您是學校/大學中的電腦男孩/女孩)

- you already promote openSUSE in another way(您曾在某方面推廣 openSUSE)

- maybe some other reason ...(或您有其他理由...)

I don't want to send out some DVDs for personal use, so please answer only if you can really spread them.(您可以幫我們散播他們嗎?)

The intention is to give them away to openSUSE/Linux beginners ...(主要希望能提供給 openSUSE/Linux 新手...)

Please send your request directly to me, including:(請直接寫信給 索取)

- subject: PromoDVD(標題: PromoDVD)

- if possible an url of the LUG/event/school/university(如果有的話,提供您的 LUG/活動/事件/學校的網址)

- number of wanted DVDs(您想要的 DVD 數量)

- reason why you want the DVDs(您想要 DVD 的理由)

- Address(住址)

a sort email is enough ...

First come first serve, no promises ...(先到先服務,但不一定拿得到...)

More information about the PromoDVD:(關於 PromoDVD 請參考:) -- with kind regards,

Martin Lasarsch, Core Services

SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5 90409 Nürnberg

GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg) -

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